Watch The Voice USA 2018 Playoffs 13 November 2018 With Real Time Voting Result online tonight

The show is going really excited due to Real Time Voting. Hope you all are enjoying this season of the voice USA 2018 till now and you all know that till now you are only audiences who get entertainment from the show but from now onwards you are not just an audience but you are a judge of the voice too. We all have seen Top 24 Performances last night of the voice Live Playoffs on this amazing stage. The exciting part of this season is Real-Time Voting which was started from last season of the voice. As we all know on 12th November we have seen Top 24 Contestant’s performances and on the very next day, we will get The Voice Live Playoffs Top 24 Real-Time Voting Result. So as of this day, we are coming with an amazing Topic on the voice Live Playoffs Top 24 Result. To know which contestants are going to perform in the Voice Live Top 12 and who will be the voice winner 2018 season 15 stay tuned to us till the end of this article.

Vote the Voice 2018 Season 15 Live Playoffs Voting Result (Who won The Voice 2018)

The voice 2018 Live playoffs are already started and there are Top 24 were performed in The Voice live playoffs round 1 and 10 Contestants Performed in Round 2 in which 8 contestants were advanced in The Voice 2018 Playoffs 1 and 2. Now The Voice 2018 remaining 10 contestants are going to perform in the voice 2018 Live playoffs 13 November 2018. So, it a complete entertainment package for you all the voice 2018 fans. Not only this but you can also choose your favorite contestant for the voice 2018 Top 12 Live and the voice 2018 Winner by doing Vote in The Voice 2018 Live Voting or The Voice 2018 Real-Time voting in Live playoffs. So Do Vote the Voice 2018 season 15 Voting Live Playoffs 13 November 2018. You will also able to Watch and Vote The Voice 2018 Season 15 Live Playoffs Voting Result With The Voice Live Playoffs 13 November 2018 Online Telecast here with us.

  • Michael Lee: Eliminated
  • Dave Fenley: Blake’s choice
  • Natasia GreyCloud: Eliminated
  • Chris Kroeze: Public’s vote
  • Funsho: Eliminated
  • Kirk Jay: Public’s vote
  • Abby Cates: Eliminated
  • Keith Paluso: Eliminated
  • Sarah Grace: Public’s vote
  • Zaxai: Eliminated
  • Chevel Shepherd: Public’s vote
  • Kymberli Joye: Kelly’s choice
  • Steve Memmolo: Eliminated
  • DeAndre Nico: Public’s vote
  • RADHA: Eliminated
  • Kameron Marlowe: Eliminated
  • Tyke James: Adam’s choice
  • Reagan Strange: Public’s vote
  • Patrique Fortson: Eliminated
  • MaKenzie Thomas: Public’s vote
  • Franc West: Eliminated
  • SandyRedd: Jennifer’s choice
  • Colton Smith: Eliminated
  • Kennedy Holmes: Public’s vote
Comeback Stage Performances
  • Ayanna Joni: Eliminated
  • Lynnea Moorer: Comeback Stage Artist

The Voice 2018 Live Playoffs Voting Timing for Eastern and Central Region of USA with The Voice 2018 Real Time Voting

Every time The Voice 2018 Fans have an issue with the voice voting but this time you all don’t have to worry as we are going to tell you when you will be able to do Vote the voice 2018 live voting and the voice 2018 real-time voting for the Eastern and Central region of USA. As we all know that the Voice 2018 will be going live at8/7c” or “8 – 7 Central” means that this show is occurring at 8 o’clock Eastern Time or 7 o’clock Central time. So, after this time till 7 hours, you will be able to do Vote the voice 2018 Voting Live for your favorite contestant on the voice 2018 and make them the voice 2018 winner and the voice USA 2018 season 15 winner.

Team Kelly: The voice Top 13

Team Jennifer: The voice Top 13

Team Adam: The voice Top 13

Team Blake: The voice Top 13

That’s it, friends, we will be back with another fresh update on The voice Winner 2018. Thanks for reading this blog post on Watch The Voice USA 2018 Playoffs 13 November 2018 With Real-Time Voting Result online tonightTo get latest and fresh buzzes on the voice season 15 like our Facebook Page also Join our Facebook Group and visit this site frequently. The voice USA winner 2018 and The voice 2018 Winner will be announced.