The Voice Season 20 Episode 3 Blind Auditions on 8 March 2021

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Hello everyone today we are going to Watch The Voice Season 20 Episode 3 Blind Auditions on 8 March 2021. We hope that you all loved The Voice Blind Auditions episodes so far. Not it’s time to move forward in The Voice 2021 Season 20 Blind Auditions and tonight we are going to watch The Voice Season 20 Blind Auditions Episode 3 Live Online on NBC Network at 7/8c. Even if you miss the live feed do not worry at all as we are going to provide you The Voice Season 20 Blind Auditions recaps episodes on our blog. For more info on How to watch The Voice Season Live online read the article below.

Watch The Voice 2021 Season 20 Blind Auditions Episode 3 Live Online

In last episode we have seen that there were 6 contestants performed for the blind auditions and out of them only five were advanced to the Voice Battles. If we talk about the Coaches team then Kelly Clarkson and Coach John Legend have 3 contestants each in their team while Coach Blake Shelton and Nik Jonas manages to get 4 contestants each. At the end of the blind audition each coach will have 12 contestants in their team consisting total 48 contestants to be performed in The Voice Season 20 Battles. Those who wins or save by other coaches in Battles gets advanced to The Voice Season 20 Knockouts which was followed by The Voice 2021 Live show which allows our fans to Vote for their favorite contestants to make them The Voice Season 20 Winner. So, be ready for tonight’s Episode and Do let us know in the comment section below that How would you rate tonight episode on Scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the Excellent.

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How to Vote The Voice 2021 Live Voting Online?

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