How to Vote The Voice Voting Online

The Voice Voting is the only part which is always loved by the fans as they get the chance to save and vote for their favorite contestants. In every season of The Voice NBC is trying to make this voting process easy for their fans so they sometimes add or remove some feature from the voting process but some voting processes are fixed and same in all seasons. Today we are going to tell you about The Voice Voting process step by step and soon you also get to know that How to Vote The Voice Voting Online. There are 3 main Ways to Vote The Voice Live Voting online and that are given a blow in the article.

When does The Voice Voting Starts?

As you all know that The Voice has its own format where first they have Blind Auditions Episodes followed by Battles, Knockouts, Live Playoffs, Semifinals and Finals. So once the Live Playoffs of the Voice begins at the same time voting process also begins that mean fans can vote for their favorite contestant to advanced them into the next round till, they get the trophy. Now question arise that How to Vote The Voice Live Voting Online or Where to Vote The Voice Voting? For the answer keep reading this article till the end.

How many Time I can Vote on The Voice Voting?

Every time you Vote on the voice on any platform it must be linked with your email address register with NBC so you can only cast 10 Votes per method. You will not be allowed to do more votes further if you exceed the limits.

How to Vote for The Voice Voting Online on

You can Vote The Voice Live Episode Voting Online on NBC Network Website only. There are many platforms claims that you can vote here for your favorite contestant but that is not true and only way to do Vote The Voice Live Voting is only on NBC THE VOICE VOTE NOW. This method of Voting allows up to 10 Votes per user.

How to use The Voice Voting App? Voting on The Voice App

The Voice app is very user friendly and you can easily get the game which you are going to play along with the show as you have to make your own team. Until Live playoffs you can change you team but later you can’t able to change your team and each contestant of your team eliminated you are losing your points and more your prediction will correct your will be featured on Top 10 list of the super fan. There is Voting option is also available on the app from where you can Vote The Voice App Voting for your favorite contestants. Still if you have any doubt so let us know in the comment section below. There’s a limit of 10 votes per artist per user linked with NBC account.

the voice voting app

the voice voting app

How to Vote on The Voice Comcast’s Xfinity Service Voting?

Now voting made really easy and you can Vote for your favorite contestant during live feed also. If you are using Xfinity X1 then you can Vote The Voice Live Voting by pushing only one button on your remote. You just have to follow the instructions given during the live feed that How to Vote The Voice using Xfinity X1 remote? This will really help you to save your time and helps your favorite contestant to win the show.

How to Vote The Voice Voting 30 Times and More?

You can Vote 10 time using each method for each contestant which makes total 30 votes. However, you can increase it by purchasing iTunes and Streaming songs on loop to support your favorite contestants. These are the FAQ’s you all must have in your mind which we tried to clear it out. Still, you can any queries or suggestions regarding The Voice Live Voting then please do let us know in the comment section below. Your feedbacks a re always welcome.

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