Watch The Voice 2018 Battles Christiana Danielle vs. Shana Haligan “Use Somebody” Full Video on 19 March 2018

Hello Everybody!!! So are you excited for the voice USA 2018 Battles on 19 March 2018? Of course and why not be? As the voice, USA 2018 already completed its Blind Audition and now it’s time for the voice the USA 2018 battles premiere on 19 March 2018. To watch the voice USA 2018 Battles live telecast online keep connected with us you will be updated with the voice 2018 Live battles online soon once the voice 2018 Battles will be telecast on the network. As we know that you are also eagerly waiting for the voice 2018 Live Voting and the voice USA 2018 voting lines to be open. Yes, you can able to do The voice 2018 Voting Live on the voice 2018 voting app and the voice 2017 voting phone number or web. So before that have a look at the voice 2018 Battles Full episode 19 March 2018 Live telecast online here with us. Frequently visit this blog for the voice 2018 Knockouts, The Voice 2018 Live Playoffs, The Voice 2018 Top 10, the voice 2018 Voting, The voice 2018 Semifinals, The voice 2018 Finals and The voice 2018 Winners<img class=” />

Watch Christiana Danielle vs. Shana Haligan “Use Somebody” In The voice 2018 Battles Full Video 19 March 2018

Battles Christiana Danielle and Shana Haligan are from Team Alicia Keys. They both sing “Use Somebody” in the voice 2018 Battles. Coach Alicia Keys loved their performance and she ups from her chair till the performance was completed. Not Only Alicia Keys but All the coaches loved their performance. Finally, Coach Alicia Keys selects Christiana Danielle for the voice 2018 Knockouts and Live Playoffs. On the other hand, Shana Haligan has to leave the voice 2018 Show only we can say Shana Haligan is Better Luck next time. Congratulations! Christiana Danielle for winning the voice season 14 Battles on 19 March 2018. Now we will see Christiana Danielle in the voice USA 2018 Knockout round and the voice 2018 Live Playoffs. Till that be ready for Vote The voice 2018 Voting and Support your favorite contestant to make them Winner of The voice USA 2018.

That’s it, friends, we will be back with another fresh update on the voice USA 2018 season 14. Thanks for reading this blog post on Watch The Voice USA 2018 Battles on 18 march 2018 Full Episode with The Voice 2018 Battles Video. To get latest and fresh buzzes on the voice season 14 like our facebook page also Join our facebook group and visit this site frequently. The voice winner 2018 and The voice 2018 Winner will be announced in May 2018.